Circumcision Removes the Most Sensitive Parts

Some new research should be taken into consideration before making the decision to circumcise males to prevent HIV.

For circumcised penises, the most sensitive region was the circumcision scar on the underside of the penis, the researchers found. For uncircumcised penises, the areas most receptive to pressure were five regions normally removed during circumcision—all of which were more sensitive than the most sensitive part of the circumcised penis.Circumcision is a procedure practiced in several countries for medical as well as cultural reasons. Most scientists agree that the surgery confers some protection against infection and the risk of contracting sexual diseases. Recent studies have also shown that circumcision can lower the risks of HIV infection by as much as 60 percent in sex between males and females.

But Robert Van Howe, a study team member at Michigan State University, thinks such claims are somewhat overblown. “The [health benefits] that have been consistently shown are very small, and there are less aggressive, less invasive, less expensive ways of dealing with the problems [circumcision] is supposed to address,” Van Howe told LiveScience.– Live Science

Nature gave males a foreskin for a reason. Who are we to say it’s unnecessary or harmful?

3 Responses

  1. I don’t know whether that is really true. My foreskin was inflamed and scarred, and narrow, for the previous 5 or 8 years, and tore up during serious sex with my partner.

    So I underwent circumcision when my tears became superinfected and very, very painful. I would not think a “sensitive part” left me – I was very happy to see that part of me gone, always inflamed, too narrow.

    Now, the sensitive parts are entirely exposed. Sex is many times better than it ever was beforehand. Since the circumcision some 2 years ago, I have not found that the sensivity decreases at all.

  2. turander – if you step out of your cultural mindset, that the foreskin is a useless piece of skin… you might realize that you didn’t have a healthy one, and therefore your experience wasn’t exactly the most representative of what it is like to have a foreskin.

    if you have a toothache… of course you would consider going and getting it pulled…

    but that doesnt mean we should go pull every child’s teeth out of their sockets so as to prevent plaque build up and cavities.


    there. simple as that.

    circumcision-advocates are looking for a reason to circumcise, rather than trying to come up with the best solution to the problem (a very flawed method that may result in a lot of unfortunately circumcised men)


    also, if i might add, its possible you suffered from a scarred and narrow foreskin because doctors used to think the best way to clean infant babies was to forcibly retract the foreskin and clean the wound. this lead to a lot of problems, where the foreskin would scar and create a lot of problems.

    however, we know better than that now, the foreskin is like a flower that blooms only when its ready. the foreskin separates from the head as a child grows older, and its only once a child can comfortably retract his foreskin on his own, that he should learn to pull it back and rinse it with water once a day.

  3. Joel – I agree.

    All I can contribute is to explain the history behind my circumcision and the experience. My foreskin has been narrow since I was small, but only become “too” narrow as I got past 30. In other words, it was a problem area to begin with for reasons that seem to be somewhat out of my control.

    Would I get my boy circumcised without good reason? No. Would I advise him to wait as long as I did? Also no. My advice would be to suffer the foreskin as long as it is bearable and then get rid of it as soon as it seems to be mostly in the way. People make a fuzz about adult circumcision compared to the apparent “ease” of circumcising newborns – and I do not confirm that. It was an outpatient surgery, and damage was well contained.

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