Does Circumcision Affect a Man’s Sex Life?

Whether circumcision affects a man’s sex life depends on which study you believe. A Canadian study found no difference in penile sensation between circumcised and uncircumcised men. However, an American study found the penises of circumcised men less sensitive than those of uncircumcised men.–Health Club

If the American study’s results can be trusted, I’m not sure that reduced sensitivity is necessarily a disadvantage given the prevalence of premature ejaculation among men. Men actually BUY desensitizing creams to control the problem after all. It’s just common sense that an exposed head would become less sensitive than the covered head of an uncircumcised penis. The question is whether that lessened sensitivity is enough to reduce a man’s enjoyment of sex.

2 Responses

  1. all you need is 10 minutes of owning a foreskin to know that you don’t want to cut it off.

    the foreskin has incredibly pleasurable nerve-endings, but they aren’t the same kind as are found in the head of the penis (which induce orgasm)…

    the foreskins nerve endings are incredibly sensitive.

    also worth noting, the canadian study you are referring to didn’t measure the sensitivity of the foreskin at all, only the sensitivity of the glans of the penis of both men. it was also a much less intensive study, and in my opinion was not as well conceived.

  2. The canadian study says that during erection the glans of the cut and intact are about the same sensitivity — not very sensitive at all. It found that the glans becomes desensitized during sex. What they didn’t look at and the american study does is the rest of the penis. The cut men don’t have the most sensitive part! Also when not erect, the glans of the intact is more sensitive. The canadian thought the preerection was not important. But it is important as to sexual dysfunction and ED. Very few healthy men that have a foreskin would think of amputating it.

    I know that losing a foreskin does reduce a mans enjoyment. Putting on a condom limits the foreskin and that is simply not as good as natural sex.

    Also, a big misunderstanding is Premature ejaculation. Men that are intact have better control, with all of the parts. The sesitivity and feeling do not mean quicker to orgasim. PE is actually more of a cut men problem. The author jumps to a conclusion that is false.

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