Exercise for Harder Erections

Michael Paladin at Health & Fitness Solutions claims that men can firm up their erections with exercise.

Most men realize that they have to exercise to keep their muscles from getting soft as they get older. Yet, many men just accept as inevitable that their erections will soften with age, or turn to drugs like Viagra or Levitra to compensate. However, there is no need to either accept the “inevitable,” or to turn to drugs. Just as exercise can harden the muscles of your body, exercise can also harden your erection. Read more

I’m not equipped to test it out, but, if any of you guys try his program, let me know your results.

3 Responses

  1. Dear Svetlana,
    I checked back on this post a few times hoping to see someone’s first person testimony. But so far none. I guess it takes time to do the workout and measure results. In the meantime, I’d like to share with your reader how I do the exercises. Amy and I have used the 77 position a lot, (the 77 position described in your G-Spot section). We use it for fucking and resting. I do the Paladin exercise when resting. The 77 position is perfect for penetrating Amy when we both rest (and fuck). And not wasting time, I flex my PC muscle. Needless to say, this is much more enjoyable than doing it without Amy. Besides, Amy enjoys it, too. At times she’s too tired to move, but this way she still feels me inside and that keeps her juice flowing.

    Svetlana, you may not be equipped to test it out, but you can give your men a more enjoyable routine. Amy and I like to hear from them, too, if possible.

  2. Your way of exercising your PC muscle has to be a lot more fun than doing the exercises by yourself. Actually, in my post How Women Can Learn to Have an Orgasm with Intercourse, I recommend that after women have strengthened their PC muscles with vaginal strengthening exercises, to do them with a dildo and then with their partner’s penis inserted to strengthen their PC muscles further.

  3. Ah, I got it. Couples that exercise united stay united.. all night long.

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